Related projects

Shift2Rail JU multi-annual action plan [S2R MAAP 2015] [BM1] has given high priority to the development of a new Communication System (TD 2.1). This system should be able to overcome the shortcomings in current ETCS (European Train Control System) and CBTC (Communications-Based Train Control). 

The development of a new adaptable communication system (ACS) is ongoing within the S2R members’ project X2RAIL-1 and X2RAIL-3. These projects will deliver an adaptable train-to-ground communications system usable for train control applications in all market segments, using packet switching/IP technologies (GPRS, EDGE, LTE, Satellite, Wi-Fi, etc.) in accordance with the findings of just finished NGTC (Next Generation of Train Control system) project ( and user requirements of the FRMCS project (Future Railway Mobile Communications System) (

The foreseen communication system will enable an easy migration from existing systems (GSM-R), will provide enhanced throughput, safety and security functionalities to support the current and future needs of signalling systems, and also extra resilience to interferences and to be open to radio technology evolution. The focus will be as well in supporting the shift from “network as an asset” to “network as a service” model vision. Backwards compatibility with ERTMS will be ensured as well.

The user requirements public report of X2RAIL-1 project [X2RAIL-1, D3.1] is based on FMRCS and NGTC documents [FMRCS- FU-7100], [NGTC- D6.1]. It will constitute the basis for Emulradio4rail project as the more complete and up-to-date document. All the services, users and stakeholders are very well described in [X2RAIL-1, D3.1, Table 4.5 p23], thus in this deliverable we decided not to duplicate the work.[BM1]