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Paper for the TRA2020 event.

Emulation of various radio access technologies for zero on site testing in the railway domain – The Emulradio4rail platforms. Written by:  Marion Berbineau, Juan Moreno, Sofiane Kharbech, Ying Yang, Alessandro Vizzarie, Raul Torrego, José Soler, Laurent Clavier, Rédha Kassi, Franco Mazzenga, Romeo Giuliano, Val Iñaki, Christophe Gransart, Virginie Deniau, Yann Cocheril, Armano Carillo.  Proceedings of 8th Transport Research Arena TRA 2020, April 27-30, 2020, Helsinki, Finland.


 laboratory, it is necessary to develop measurement platforms able to emulate real railway radio environments. This type of testing platform should combine very new approaches, the so-called system in the loop (SITL) and hardware in the loop (HITL). It allows connecting directly and coupling at radio frequency level (RF) the real equipment to be tested, the radio emulators (physical systems), and the simulators able to mimic the railway network and the railway channels’ behavior, including interferences. The Emulradio4rail platforms will support multiple emulation instances such as LTE, Wi-Fi, and SatCom networks. The paper will present the architecture of the platforms under development and preliminary assessments. 

Keywords: Channel emulator, Open Air Interface, Train to Ground communications, LTE, Satellite, Wi-Fi. 

Hardware-in-the-loop and Software-in-the-loop platform for test and validation of adaptable radio communications systems for railways at IP layer. written by: Moreno, Juan; Bouaziz, Maha ; Berbineau, Marion; Yan, Ying; Soler, José; Torrego, Raul; Iñaki, Val ; Vizzarri, Alessandro; Clavier, Laurent; Kassi, Rédha; Cocheril, Yann; Deniau, Virginie; Gransart, Christophe.Proceedings of Net4Rails. 2019.

Abstract this paper presents a description of a new emulation platform to help decrease expenses for the development of a new train-to-ground communication system for railways, which is one of the objectives of the Shift2Rail Joint Un- dertaking. This emulator will interface with the T2G communication prototypes at IP layer and will consider many railway-specific services, perturbations and physical layer scenarios. It will combine modern approaches for testing like hardware-in-the-loop and software-in-the-loop in order to mimic railways envi- ronment and radio access technologies on an efficient way. In this paper we ex- plain all these aspects, beginning with the railway particular circumstances to be taken into account and ending with an explanation of the approach for the development of the emulator.

A paper was submitted for the conference, Eucap 2020, published in IEEE xplore: “Emulation of end-to-end communications systems in railway scenarios: physical layer results”. Written by Juan Moreno García Loygorri , Sofiane Kharbech, Laurent Clavier, Redha Kassi, Raúl Torrego, Aitor Arriola, Iñaki Val, Marion Berbineau , José Soler, Ying Yan.