Hardware-in-the-loop and Software-in-the-loop platform for test and validation of adaptable radio communications systems for railways at IP layer. written by: Moreno, Juan; Bouaziz, Maha ; Berbineau, Marion; Yan, Ying; Soler, José; Torrego, Raul; Iñaki, Val ; Vizzarri, Alessandro; Clavier, Laurent; Kassi, Rédha; Cocheril, Yann; Deniau, Virginie; Gransart, Christophe.Proceedings of Net4Rails. 2019.

Abstract this paper presents a description of a new emulation platform to help decrease expenses for the development of a new train-to-ground communication system for railways, which is one of the objectives of the Shift2Rail Joint Un- dertaking. This emulator will interface with the T2G communication prototypes at IP layer and will consider many railway-specific services, perturbations and physical layer scenarios. It will combine modern approaches for testing like hardware-in-the-loop and software-in-the-loop in order to mimic railways envi- ronment and radio access technologies on an efficient way. In this paper we ex- plain all these aspects, beginning with the railway particular circumstances to be taken into account and ending with an explanation of the approach for the development of the emulator.