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Happy faces after a long working day. A great and fruitful meeting in Rome with the partners from #emulradio4rail. Thank you for hosting us, #radiolabs, @Ifsttar , @IKERLANofficial. @metro_madrid, @DTUtweet, @univ_lille , @eurnex #shift2rail project

This is how hard work looks like at the #emulradio4rail partner meeting in Rome today. @Ifsttar, @eurnex, @IKERLANofficial, @DTUtweet, @univ_lille, #radiolabs.

Now you can flip through, share and read the #EMULRADIO4RAIL brochure online, with this digital version. @Ifsttar @IKERLANofficial @DTUtweet @eurnex @metro_madrid @univ_lille radio labs. #radioaccess #technology #railway #communications @Shift2Rail_JU

#EMULRADIO4RAIL being presented at the @transport_eu website #trimis

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