Make sure to keep up to date with EMULRADIO4RAIL news. Here you can follow the News-flow of EMULRADIO4RAIL throught Twitter where we will be updating as the project goes along.

As #emulradio4rail advances, you will find the Deliverables online to download. The Deliverable D1.1"Application layer requirements for Communications systems in railway environments" is online! #H2020,@Shift2Rail_JU.

Read the Publication: Hardware-in-the-loop and Software-in-the-loop platform for test and validation of adaptable radio communications systems for railways at IP layer. Presented at the #Net4Rails #emulradio4rail #H2020 @Shift2Rail_JU #intheloop

🚲Today is #WorldBicycleDay ! Riding your bike as your daily means of transport, doesn't only help you to stay healthy, but also helps the world. #BeatAirPollution #cleanenergy. At the #Umweltfestival in Berlin yesterday the #sternfahrt2019 made the highway for bikes only. 🚲

What to keep up to date with the progress of @emulradio4rail ?
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Now is the time to submit your work to the TRA2020 in Helsinki!
Call for Submission deadline extended until May 31! For more information go to #etralliance #etralliance_eu #ETRA_ALLIANCE member of the Management Committee of #TRA2020

The website is up and running! A @Shift2Rail_JU project with 7 partners from 5 countries. @Ifsttar @IKERLANofficial radiolabs @eurnex @metro_madrid @DTUtweet @univ_lille. Have a look! #shift2rail #railresearch

There is still time to submit your work to the #TRA2020 Call for submissions extended to 31may #etralliance #etralliance_eu #ETRA_ALLIANCE member of the Management Committee of #TRA2020 #mobility #transporation #research #engineering

Yesterday in a very sunny Lille we had an interesting and fruitful meeting with the partners from emulradio4rail. Thank you for hosting us @univ_lille , @Ifsttar , @IK4_IKERLAN ,@eurnex , @DTUtweet , @metro_madrid , radio labs.

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