EURNEX, the EUropean rail Research Network of Excellence

EURNEX, the EUropean rail Research Network of EXcellence, is an association representing European institutional scientific knowledge, research and education. It comprises 35 scientific institutes in the area of rail transport and mobility all over Europe and China, represented by the standing committee with Prof. Markus Hecht and Prof. El Miloudi El Koursi.

Since April 2016, Dr.-Ing. Armando Carrillo Zanuy has been appointed by the general assembly as the Secretary General of the association.

The objective of the association is to promote research and development of the rail system, particularly:

  • to enhance co-operation in research and education as well as the knowledge transferbetween the Members of the Association, European Universities and Research Establishments being interested in railway research, incl. multidisciplinary capabilities
  • to facilitate the scheduling and implementation of joint research projects between Members and to build up a sustainable research environment for the railway sector
  • to develop links between Members of the Association, industrial partners and operators within the railway sector
  • to increase the awareness of specific high quality research needs and opportunities for cooperation with the railway sector
  • to promote the railway contribution to sustainable transport policy
  • to improve the competitiveness and economic stability of the railway sector and industry

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